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The following are examples of clients we have helped. These are only a sampling and are provided to show the type of assistance IBSI can provide you with. Since we guarantee our clients 100% confidentiality, we have omitted their names and locations. 

Consumer Product Company #1 – Identified multiple company oversights from product sourcing, manufacturing and distribution resulting in annual cost reductions ranging from $50,000 to $2,200,000. 

Consumer Product Company #2 – Established monthly closing procedures to prepare financial statements, instructed CFO and staff in use of Quickbooks  accounting system, worked with management to create a comprehensive plan to restructure and turn company around. 

Web Hosting Company – Initiated monthly financial reporting (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and detailed projections of Revenue,  Expenses and Accounts Receivables) resulting in management having timely information to make decisions, improved Cash Flow and improved bank relations. 

Electronics Distributor - Sales were down by 25% and collection of receivables was taking twice as long. IBSI was able to reduce payables by 40 percent and eliminate and restructure lease agreements. 
Small Retail Chain - After September 11, business was down by 50%. Company wanted to pay all vendors 100% but just needed more time. After IBSI stepped in, vendors agreed to no interest payout plans from 36 to 60 months and some reduced the payable amounts by up to 50%. 

Fortune 200 Company - This multinational company decided to shut down a subsidiary which had been losing money for five years. IBSI was able to renegotiate and reduce the shutdown costs by 43% saving the company $4.2 Million Dollars. 

Construction Company - Had an outstanding reputation and did high profile public and private building work. As a result of a difficult winter and the government delaying payments due to budgetary issues, this contractor found itself with little cash flow to pay its suppliers. IBSI was able to extend payment terms by up to 36 months and increase credit lines with suppliers giving our client time to generate additional cash flow. 

Dot Com Retailer - As with most e-commerce companies, this internet retailer of consumer items realized that its business was no longer viable. IBSI was able to renegotiate and reduce payables by 60%, terminate equipment leases and eliminate personal guarantees allowing company management to preserve assets and purchase a more conventional business. 

Video Post Production Company - Rapidly changing technology and dropping prices for the company's services created a cash flow nightmare for this company. The company needed to downsize its business and reduce overhead. IBSI reduced payables by 40% and terminated equipment and property leases for 25% of their future value. This gave the client the time and resources to focus on restructuring their business. 

Television Station - Advertising revenues for this television station were down by 35% and receivable collections were slower. On top of this, the company needed to purchase new state of the art digital broadcast equipment. IBSI stepped in and renegotiated and reduced payables by 33% and early payouts of existing equipment leases. Then, through a close contact of ours, the company then was able to obtain a new credit facility which would finance their digital upgrade.

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