Save My Business

How it Works

Here is how it works! First, we provide a free assessment to determine if IBSI can help. At the same time we will answer any additional questions and explain our services in detail so you know exactly how we work. At that point, if you believe that we can help, we start helping you.

We review your payables, liabilities, leases, supply agreements and general and administrative costs with you, and together, we classify accounts based on the company's desire to continue doing business with the vendor. We confirm all balances and train the company's existing financial staff to re-direct all vendor inquiries to our experienced professionals.

We negotiate and reduce the company's payables, liabilities, etc. while maintaining all essential and important relationships that the company needs to thrive and grow. In addition, our involvement immediately relieves Management from creditor and collection calls and harassment allowing them to focus on turning their business around.

Since we are removed from the day to day activities and relationships and have greater negotiating skills in these matters, we typically achieve higher savings than client employees doing the same task.

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