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Debt Reduction and Renegotiation

AskTheCFO, Inc. can help your company restructure a few troublesome obligations, reduce debt or help slow the cash burn rate. We are experts with developing a unique plan for each situation. We work with all forms of liabilities including short and long-term credit facilities, subordinated and convertible debt issues, trade credit, real estate leases, equipment leases and contractual obligations by negotiating directly with lenders and banks, leasing companies and vendors.

We are able to assist with improving debt terms and rates while minimizing fees and penalties, negotiating delayed payments, renegotiating and reducing vendor payable balances and reducing cash needs by renegotiating equipment and space leases. Our service allows management to focus on running the business and not dealing with the stress of making excuses to creditors, lenders and vendors. We are results oriented and focus on negotiating to achieve an improved financial situation allowing management to focus on the company's growth and operations. When AskTheCFO acts as the third party, it saves management time and increases management's chance of success.

Using an experienced third party firm exhibits credibility and objectivity while eliminating the emotions from the process. AskTheCFO has worked with many of the major creditors. As a result, banks, lenders and vendors know that we are working to save the company and get them paid. When an AskTheCFO representative calls a company's creditors, they believe that the situation is serious and professionals are there to help the company and creditors get paid. Creditors view our involvement as an opportunity for them to get paid and possibly keep a customer.

When AskTheCFO reduces and renegotiates a company's debt, the company receives the benefit of trust and credibility with all involved parties, improved relationships with creditors by providing accurate and timely information, preserving existing on-going relationships with creditors after the restructuring is complete and improving strained vendor and customer relationships using AskTheCFO's credibility and skills and maintaining on-going frequent communications.

Among the most important relationships for a business, its creditors are at the top of the list. IBSI works carefully with each creditor to ensure that goodwill, integrity and honesty is always preserved. We work to ensure that existing relationships move ahead on a stronger footing with improved communication.

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