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10 Reasons to Use IBSI Reduce Your Debts


1 AskTheCFO handles all calls from harassing creditors, collection agencies and attorneys.

2 We will buy you time so you can concentrate on running and building your business without distraction.

3 You will save money on your debts, including what you pay AskTheCFO.

4 AskTheCFO will help you increase profits and cash flow.

5 We will work on disputed debts.

6 AskTheCFO will handle one or all of your debts as needed.

7 You approve all Settlement Offers and Counter Offers over 50%.

8 AskTheCFO does NOT charge any upfront fees or retainers.

9 We will work with you to develop a plan that you can afford and creditors will accept.

10 AskTheCFO will help your business "Eliminate Business Debt Without Creating New Loans."

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