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Let us be your part-time CFO. AskTheCFO, Inc. specializes in providing part-time CFO / Controller services for small to medium size companies that currently do not have or cannot afford a full time CFO. Our clients receive the knowledge and benefits of a full time CFO at a fraction of the cost. We help these companies by  making strategic business introductions through our extended network and assist with new and existing financing by working with banks and lenders to provide them with the information that they need. If necessary, we will help management hire and train new financial and administrative staff members. Of course, we help to improve financial statements, recommend and implement cost controls, improve cash flow and profitability and assist with special projects as required. In addition, we are experienced with restructuring businesses and renegotiating and reducing burdensome debt.

AskTheCFO has been providing part-time CFO and financial support services since 1998. Our clients range from the entrepreneur who is just starting out that needs our help to obtain financing and grow to major divisions of Fortune 50 companies that have specific issues. Each of our professionals have at least 25 years of experience and have seen and done it all. This allows us to immediately demonstrate our value and benefit to new clients. We hit the ground running. 

As the CEO of your business you are involved in all aspects and have your hands in all activities to make sure that all of the "bases" are covered and being done correctly. Sometimes, however, you must depend on outside professionals and consultants to help you run your company. Usually, most entrepreneurs and managers do not have the experience and resources to fill the Chief Financial Officer ("CFO") role on a full-time basis although they sometimes try to perform the role themselves. They soon learn that a financial manager skillset is unique and specialized. When entrepreneurs and managers try to grow their business, they soon find that they need more strategic financial guidance on an on-going basis. That's where we can help you.

AskTheCFO is structured to fulfill your CFO function on a part-time basis. Our typical client is large enough to need the resources and guidance provided by a high level financial professional, yet small enough to not need this role filled on a full-time basis. An Interstate Business Solutions part-time CFO compliments a growing company's management team and its existing advisors.







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